How to care for your cupcake

Hi, I am your cupcake.



  • A hand crafted product made by humans not machines, I may contain tool marks and slight imperfections, please forgive me
  • A daily baked fresh product
  • Made in a location that contains nuts and from products that may contain traces of nuts
  • Full of butter, which means if its cold, I can solidify, if its hot I can melt



  • Celebrating your special occasion with you
  • Being freshly eaten and enjoyed
  • Staying in my box at room temperature until I need to be eaten
  • Being looked after and treated gently
  • Being consumed within 3 days from my day of creation
  • To keep my road trips as short and calm as possible and drivers that are aware of me!



  • Being refrigerated, they make my insides and outsides too hard, unless it is over 40 degrees, in which case, please ensure I am kept in a cool air-conditioned room until consumed or if you are very worried, pop me in the fridge but make sure to take me out at lease 2-3 hours before serving
  • Being treated roughly
  • Direct sun and warm places
  • Anything stacked on top of my box
  • Being dropped, tilted or shaken
  • Driving around in a hot car

Love, your cupcake.

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