Cupcakes Price List

Cupcakes are baked in chocolate or vanilla or a mix of both unless otherwise stated and icing colour(s) can be chosen by the customer.

Standard Cupcakes:

Mini2 bites – cocktail size$2.45 each12
Regular5-6 bites – standard size$3.90 each6
Large8 bites – same size as a large café style muffin$4.90 each6

Special Cupcakes:

Mini Rose Variation/swirl cupcake2 bites – cocktail size decorated with rose$3.15 each12
Large Rose Variation cupcakeLarge - 8 bites – decorated in rose variations and flowers$6.00 each6
Regular Gluten Free (Vanilla ONLY)5-6 bites – standard size$4.75 each16
Large Gluten Free (Vanilla ONLY)8 bites – same size as a large café style muffin$5.75 each12
Regular Dairy Free/Vegan (Vanilla ONLY) (1 Icing colour only per batch)5-6 bites – standard size$5.50 each16
Large Dairy Free/Vegan (Vanilla ONLY) (1 Icing colour only per batch)8 bites – same size as a large café style muffin$6.50 each12
Mini Red Velvet with cream cheese2 bites – cocktail size$3.20 each24
Regular Red Velvet with cream cheese icing5-6 bites – standard size$4.75 each16
Large Red Velvet with cream cheese8 bites – same size as a large café style muffin$5.75 each12

Standard flavours: Vanilla or chocolate are baked daily and customers can order their cupcakes in vanilla or chocolate or a mix of both.

Special flavours: Cupcakes with special flavours added can be baked with a minimum order of 16 regular or 12 large cupcakes in one flavour (unfortunately we do not offer special flavours on mini cupcakes).
Special flavours are an extra 25c per cupcake.

  • Lemon
  • Coffee extract
  • Orange
  • Passion fruit
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Caramel
  • Banana
DescriptionLead TimePriceMinimum orders
4cm edible logo (ideal on a regular cupcake)2 days$0.70c each12
5 cm edible logo (ideal on a large cupcake)2 days$1.00 each12
Special icing techniques – example animal faces/Sesame Street characters2 days$2.00 each (extra per cupcake)
Fondant Decorations:
Simple, flat cut outs, numbers and letters (small)3 days$1.00 each
Simple, flat cut outs, numbers & letters (small) – painted & glittered3 days$1.50 each
Complex small fondant decorations (flowers, unicorn horns etc..)5 days$2.00 - $3.00 each
Non-edible happy birthday plaque$1.50
Edible happy birthday plaque3 days$3.00 each

Pick up times

Monday – Friday: 9am – 2.45pm

Saturday: 9.30am – 11.45pm

If you require an earlier pick up time, please discuss this with us to see how we can accommodate you..


Delivery is subject to availability and must be arranged with 1-2 days’ notice. Delivery charges vary with each suburb and deliveries for long distances are not always possible.

To qualify for delivery, the minimum order is 12 large cupcakes, 16 regulars or 24 mini cupcakes per destination.

Unfortunately, we do not deliver on Saturdays.

Cupcake orders need a days’ notice at least (for basic decorations, not custom decorations).

Please note, on large orders, delivery before 11am may not be possible, please check with one of our friendly team members.


We will give you the best advice on how to keep your cake but it is food and we are not responsible for any damages to the cake once it leaves our shop. It is not a manufactured product, it is a hand crafted product and may contain some imperfections. If you are not happy with something, please let us know at the time of pick up so that we can make any changes you may require.

For all cake orders, we require a picture reference or very specific detail on how you would like your cake to look. Remember this is a fun and creative process and our idea of what would be beautiful may not be the same as yours.

We do not bake in a nut-free kitchen and whilst we wash and sterilize all equipment carefully, we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of nuts.